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A fireplace offers warmth environment, making you more comfortable and feels secured, especially during cold seasons. Handling fireplace, on the other hand, requires few considerations and safety measures. Unexpected situation may take place if you inaccurately use the fireplace at home. To avoid any unwanted fireplace issues, you have to understand how it works. It is also best to determine the do’s and don’ts of your chimney.

The lists of do’s and don’ts will assist you in starting the fireplace year with a calming fire. To maintain your chimney clean and in tip-top shape, you have to consider effective tips and these are the following:

  • Do keep your magazine racks, furniture and any burnable items at safe distance from the area.
  • Make sure that you use fire screen or glass door to remain sparks from burning your furniture or other items.
  • Ensure that your damper is open before creating a fire and lighting it.
  • Maintain a clean fireplace through removing cooled ashes in the metal bucket.
  • Always use cured hardwoods rather than soft woods.
  • Never leave your children alone in a room with fire blistering.
  • Never go to bed or other places while a fire warms the house.
  • Never burn any items in your fireplace, including objects that cause harmful toxins.
  • Never use igniters like lighter fluid and kerosene.
  • Never build a larger fire larger than your fireplace area.

The 5 Brothers Cleaning, the company that provides over-all fireplace tips and cleaning services in Atlanta, says that everyone should be aware on the condition of their fireplace. Before lighting it up, you have to be conscious on the types of firewood. It is also best to be careful in adding too much firewood.

It is advisable to add smaller loads than placing bulky woods that cause extreme fire. When you are ready to put out a fire, see to it that you separate the logs by standing them at the end of fireplace or moving them at the side. Close the glass or screen doors tightly, but never close the damper until you are certain that the coals and fire are completely out.

How do you avoid chimney fires? One of the main causes of chimney fires is the so-called creosote. To minimize this, you have to burn only seasoned woods and never let the fire to smolder. If the fire continues, get in touch with your chimney professional to clean up the area. Having chimney fire can be avoid, provided if you are equipped with details about fireplaces. If you are experiencing this issue, you have to call the fire department as soon as possible. Don’t just stood up and relax. Let everyone in the house vacate the area and find some ways to reduce the fire.

The small chimney fire can damage the area. If it is damaged, the chimney or fireplace is unsafe to use. Before using it, see to it that you seek advice from experts. The 5 Brothers Cleaning is here to solve your issues, either chimney cleaning or other services.

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