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Most of the time, the fires that engulf residences are results of poorly-maintained fireplaces. Getting a chimney professional sweeper can save you from any disaster that may result from an unclean chimney. Getting your chimney cleaned regularly can prevent fire.

When creosote deposits form inside the chimney, they should be removed immediately. Chimney professional service men would use brush and ladders to remove them inside your chimney. When the creosote deposits cannot be removed by manual labors, Chimney professional service men use chemicals so that the composition of the deposit would be altered and can be easily removed.

Getting the chimney cleaned does not cost much since you only need to inspect and remove the deposit once every year. An inspection may cost less than a hundred dollars. Getting it cleaned by a professional would usually cost at least $150. But sometimes, if there are many houses in your neighborhood with fireplaces, it would cost less.

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Often times, it is recommended that once you leave your house for a long period of time, you should inspect the fireplace. It is also a must to inspect it after an earthquake, after it is struck by a lightning, or a fire broke into your fireplace.
A newly purchased house should also be subjected to fireplace inspection.

Fires breaking out are not the only thing homeowners fear from unclean and unmaintained chimneys. After winter seasons, fireplaces actually smell bad because of the creosote deposits. Sometimes, cleaning would help, but it would not totally remove the odor. Therefore, it is advised that homeowners buy fireplace deodorants.

Anyone can be a Chimney professional service men as long as he knows how to inspect a chimney, install replacements, manually clean chimneys, and other jobs connected to maintaining the cleanliness of the chimney. There is also no regulation in this profession. This means that if you are getting a chimney sweep, make sure that he really has the skills. You can ask people who have fireplaces at their home who they hire to do the job. Many who offer chimney cleaning jobs are incompetent. It would be safer if you get a licensed inspector.

The CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep gives license to those who are excellent in doing the job. Those who are issued CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep license have committed to preventing fire and the satisfaction of their clients, informing them about what they should do and how they can prevent accidents.

The inside of the chimney is not the only place that needs regular inspection. The outside also needs regular checkup and repair.

Professionals recommend that you use seasoned hardwoods. Only aged woods should be burned, not woods that are still green. It would also be beneficial if a rain cap is installed so the metal fireboxes are protected.

It is important that you know how to clean your own chimney in case you cannot get someone to do it for you. If you ever feel the need to climb up the chimney, be sure that you are wearing safety shoes so that you will not slip.

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