Air Duct Cleaning Review – by Darren Back to Services

Asthma runs in my family. This is the reason why I always make sure that the house is free from dust and germs that could irritate or trigger the illness of my 2 children. Apart from the living room and other rooms we have at home, I give a lot of importance to our air ducts.

I make sure that it gets cleaned regularly because I am aware of the level of risk they might predispose my child to. For the past few years, I have always been hiring the services of 5Brothers Cleaning because they are the only company here in Atlanta I can count on.

I am really impressed on how the cleaners work in order to dislodge everything that sticks to our air ducts. They are not just friendly and professional but experts as well. No matter what happens, I won’t switch to other cleaning companies here in Atlanta because 5Brothers got it all. The rates of the service also fit my budget perfectly. My home enjoys a regular air duct cleaning for only $40 while the air return cleaning is just as low as $17. They also offer HVAC unit cleaning for only $185, which I think is pretty fair.

– Darren Slovinski 

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